Zombie pie with worms. Halloween Recipe

When it comes to preparing recipes for Halloween, I try to make savory dishes because, in general, children take lots of sweets and sweet surprises that day — of course, trying to give them a touch of fear or make them scared or put “disgusted face” during the first impression. That is the intention of this zombie pie with worms that we have prepared for Halloween. You may need the best gloves for pizza oven when cooking many dishes.

It is a delicious tuna pie or canned tuna but with the touch of worms. If we take it to the table doing some theater and putting a gloomy voice, it will inevitably cause them an excellent opportunity to laugh, shout or see who is the first who dares to try it.


For five people
  • Puff pastry chilled iron1
  • Tuna in drained water400 g
  • Medium onion
  • Three tablespoon tomato sauce
  • Italian green pepper1
  • Gulas (substitute for eels)50 g
  • Garlic cloves1
  • Egg yolk1

How to make zombie pie with worms for Halloween

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time30 m
  • Elaboration10 m
  • 20 cooking

We start the preparation of making a stir-fry. To do this, we poach the chopped onion into squares, and when it starts to transparent, we add the pepper also very chopped. Let them soften for 5 minutes and add the fried tomato, cooking everything together for five more minutes.

Turn off the heat and add the beautiful and mix well to make an ideal filling paste for our homemade pie. We spread the puff pastry, fill half with the tuna with tomato, and cover by folding the dough. We close well by bending the ends so that it is well sealed.

Instead of making a hole like a chimney to let the steam out of the pie while it is baking, we make a kind of scar cutting in the center. We varnish with an egg yolk and bake the cake at 200ºC in a preheated oven until it has a beautiful golden color.

While baking, skip a handful of gluttons with garlic, and when taking the pie out of the oven, we place the gluttons as if they were worms coming out of the wound of a zombie. After that operation, we are ready to enjoy it at the table.

How to accompany the zombie pie with worms

Although the empanadas are excellent both hot and cold, we recommend that the zombie pie with worms for Halloween be taken warm because the glues are not very good when they cool. Anyway, if the children are going to eat it, we can serve it cold and remove the worms because they will not dare to eat them.

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