Stuffed mushrooms with mincemeat and blue cheese

The chorizo ​​hash, Forza, Mijas, chichas, or also chicos, is a typical Galician, Asturian, Alavés, Leonese, Palentino, Valladolid, and Burgos products, although it can also be found in other regions. It is a preparation that is made with the inside of the sausages, or with minced and marinated meat. Today we are going to pay tribute and forget the diet for a while, with this recipe for mushrooms stuffed with mincemeat and blue cheese that are slow-dead.

If in your butcher shop they don’t prepare the hash, you can buy some fresh sausages, and remove the stuffing. The cheese is also to the taste of the consumer, in my case I made a very Asturian version by adding La Peral cheese, but this recipe admits any blue cheese you like.

How to make stuffed mushrooms with hash and blue cheese

We will start cleaning the mushrooms, we take our feet off and with a scoop or a spoon, we make them a little more hollow so that the filling fits us.

Fill the mincemeat with a teaspoon, and place a half-walnut portion of the chosen blue cheese. Sprinkle the mushrooms with a thread of olive oil and bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius with heat up and down. We serve very hotly.

With what to accompany mushrooms stuffed with mincemeat and blue cheese

The mushrooms stuffed with mincemeat and blue cheese are an easy and quick recipe because while you cut the bread and wine are enfriáis in the oven. Do not forget to try them because they will surprise you as an original entree.

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