Pizzadilla: the best fake pizza that can be prepared in just 10 minutes

The pizzadilla is a hybrid between pizza and quesadilla consisting basically in preparing the ubiquitous Italian dish using a wheat tortilla as mass. A spawn can result from first, but we assure you that, with the proper technique, you get a substitute for pizza rather than decent (much better, in any case, than to throw precooked foods).

Although there are many ways to prepare the pizzadilla, we have decided to publish the recipe after knowing the technique that J. Kenji López-Alt has shared in Serious Eats. He has undoubtedly given the winning combination.

If we prepare the pizzadilla as if it were a conventional pizza, replacing the dough with an omelet and putting it directly in the oven, it is impossible to obtain satisfactory results: all the ingredients will be spread on the tray and there will be no way for the invention to be crispy.

The solution is to first prepare the pizza in a pan so that the tortilla is crispy, then put it in the oven at maximum power, long enough for the cheese to melt well and the selected ingredients are browned.

Just have tortillas, tomato sauce and cheese to prepare a snack or a light dinner in just about 10 minutes

The ideal way to prepare this recipe is to have some castor cast iron skillet, which retains temeratures better and are perfect to introduce in the oven, but can be prepared with any pan that does not have wooden or plastic handles and is suitable for entering in this. The important thing is that the bottom of the pan is similar in size to the tortilla.

The best thing about this recipe is that it does not require any planning: it is enough to have tortillas, tomato sauce, and cheese to prepare a snack or a light dinner in only about 10 minutes. It is not even necessary to calculate quantities: you only need what is necessary to cover the tortilla.

The most common mistake, to avoid, is to use a mozzarella cheese that is too moist. In conventional pizza, it is enough to dry the mozzarella balls well so as not to ruin the dough, but in this pizza, it is better to opt for grated dried mozzarella. Our first test failed for this reason.

How to make pizzadilla

We turn on the oven and let it warm to maximum power. Meanwhile, we spread the pan with extra virgin olive oil. It is important that the entire pan is impregnated with a thin layer of oil, enough for the tortilla to brown and not stick, but not fried. For this, the idea is to pour a little oil on paper towels and spread the pan using this. We put the fire at maximum power.

Once the pan is hot (immediately if we use a cast iron, after about two minutes in a conventional) place the tortilla. A firmer crunch is achieved if we place the part of the tortilla with thinner bubbles upside down (there are some that have no difference, and it can be done the same).

While the tortilla is toasting we place the ingredients on top as if it were a conventional pizza. First the tomato sauce ( to be able to be homemade ), then the Mozzarella cheese, some other cheese of our choice (Parmesan or Grana Padano are always a good option), basil and/or oregano, black pepper and any ingredient that we want. We have used chorizo ​​de León, but you can put anything, as long as we do not put too many ingredients: bacon, ham, mushrooms, pepper, onion…

Once we have placed all the ingredients the tortilla should already be relatively golden, but it is better to check it and leave the pizzadilla in the pan a few more minutes if it is not. Once we see that the tortilla is more or less crispy it is time to introduce the pan into the top of the oven. Just three to five minutes at full power for the cheese to melt.

If we have done the operation correctly, the pizzadilla can be extracted from the pan with the help of a spatula without problems and cut as if it were a conventional pizza. The proof of cotton that has remained as God commands is that we can hold a piece by hand without bending it completely.

With what to accompany the pizzadilla

This dish is perfect as an appetizer or to solve a quick dinner. Since it is done very quickly, once the oven is hot we can do several times without disheveled, using different ingredients. It goes without saying that it is not exactly a healthy dish, so if it is to be accompanied by something better than a salad.

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