How to make fried almonds in the microwave: the quickest and easiest snack (and also with fewer calories)

They also stand out for being a classic of the snack bar, although not in its healthier version. Luckily, we can make fried almonds in the microwave at home very easily and with hardly any oil.

Okay, “fried”, what is said fried, then they won’t be; but the result is very close to the frying version and maybe richer than simply toasted. If you lose that portion of fried almonds with the appetizer – in Murcia it is a classic, accompanying salted fish – this simple alternative will leave you more than satisfied.

How to make fried almonds in the microwave

The elaboration is very fast and simple. The easiest is to use a specific container for microwave cooking, although any suitable bowl or dish and a lid will serve us. Keep in mind that each microwave is a world and at the beginning, we will have to catch the point to the power and times of our device.

Arrange the raw and peeled almonds in a suitable microwave dish. Add between 2.5 and 5 ml of good extra virgin olive oil, and a very light pinch of fine salt. Stir well so that all the almonds are impregnated and put the lid if you had it. Otherwise, use a microwave cover.

Heat for 2 minutes at medium power. Remove and reheat 1 minute now at full power. Remove and heat again at intervals of 30 seconds at medium power, until they have the desired roasted point. It is preferable that they do not get very dark.

Serve with coarse salt and, if desired, a little extra virgin olive oil, stirring well. They can be taken warm or cooled at room temperature.

With what to accompany the fried almonds in the microwave

A small serving of fried almonds in the microwave goes well with a snack beer, along with some mojama, cheese, olives or other pickles. They make a good couple with the typical Murcian salad and they are also a delicious and energetic snack by themselves, at any time of the day.

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