Five cheese pizza, the infallible recipe that even mice will dream of

Therefore, in addition to the classic ham, mushroom or salami pepperoni and Funghi pizzas , with a spicy touch that we love, one of our favorites is the Five Cheese Pizza, an infallible recipe that even mice would dream of, if is that some portion is left over, something that has never happened to date.

To get to this recipe, I have tried different mixtures, always using the bell buffalo mozzarella as a base and completing with other varieties, both cow, sheep or goat, until I find the perfect mix, the infallible combination that I like is the perfection. With this mixture of five kinds of cheese I can get a pizza that combines flavor and texture, so, everyone in the kitchen that we do in a moment.

How to make five cheese pizza

If you want to make the homemade pizza base, follow these instructions to make it perfect. If you choose to buy a refrigerated pizza base, I recommend for this pizza that you choose those of rectangular format, ideal for cutting into portions and that you can bake directly on the baking sheet.

On the base, we spread the tomato with the back of a spoon. For this pizza that has no more ingredients than cheese, I like to use a homemade and tasty fried tomato to add character and taste, since the presence of blue cheese such as gorgonzola and goat cheese curler could dominate.

Next, we distribute the mozzarella – better to buy a ball of the authentic bell buffalo mozzarella DO and pinch it to spread it well over the surface. We also add six slices of a goat’s curl, distributing them evenly.

We cover the rest of the pizza with bits of gorgonzola cheese, which will provide an incredible flavor and we finish with the grated Emmental and with a lot of chopped cheddar, which will give it the melting touch, making our pizza full of threads when eating it. Bake at 230ยบ C until the edges of the pizza are well browned and eat it immediately after sprinkling it with a good pinch of oregano that will complete its aroma.

With what to accompany the pizza five kinds of cheese

The Five Cheese Pizza is a delight that young and old alike likes. Like all of us who are cheesemakers, we are always looking for apologies to take them, this pizza is perfect since we can also use other varieties that are left behind. Try it in good company on one of those nights of peli-pizza.

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